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  • You'll be able to stop food from falling through the cracks (no more frustrations from losing food)
  • The special design ensures even heat and easy flipping. (And because it acts like a big pan or barbecue, you can cook almost anything you want.)
  • Hand washable and dishwasher safe
  • Mats can be easily stored either flat or rolled up (or even left in the trunk of your car for picnics etc.)
  • Non-stick surface made from a fabric coated in a material similar to Teflon, which is easy to clean and reusable. (The 100% non-stick and reusable mats make it easy to prepare a meal in a flash... without having to clean up the mess.)
  • 11 ULTRA BRIGHT LED LIGHTS illuminate the entire grilling surface without shadows, so you're able to clearly see the food you're cooking.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT so the unit can be used if it's raining (without having to worry about it malfunctioning or becoming a safety hazard)
  • ADJUSTABLE MOUNTING KIT makes it dead easy to fit onto your barbeque... no matter what size, shape, or brand it is...
  • INCLUDES A SCREWDRIVER for the battery compartment
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE allows you to enjoy many years of emergency light whenever you need it.
  • Burger press makes patties from 1/4" to 5/8" thick for either regular or stuffed hamburgers
  • Burger maker features a handy 'lifter' - Lift the patty out of the press & never touch the meat!
  • 3-part hamburger press is made from thick, durable BPA free plastic - So cleanup is always easy
  • Light-weight, ergonomic handle makes operating this burger shaper so effortless a child can do it
  • Our best hamburger patty maker comes with a 10 recipe gourmet cookbook AND our 100% Satisfaction, Lifetime Guarantee - Order today!